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Pizza Scandal in Indiana

I’m very annoyed with a lot people regarding this stupid little pizza shop in Indiana. Yes, they are ignorant – and no, I wouldn’t give them a penny of my money. BUT, commenting on how they look, posting porn to their Yelp page, and threatening them is beyond (and I mean BEYOND) any human decency. […]

NANOWRIMO prep and a great find

NANOWRIMO is sneaking up on us. Refusing to be caught off guard again, I am letting the wheels spin already. The writing group I started here in Boston is going strong and I adore all of the regulars – and they have become my inspiration and motivation. Since I started the group, I feel an […]

Moving Day is Coming!

It’s been a long time since I’ve lived alone – a little over 20 years to be exact. On the 10th of this month, I get to relive those halcyon days. In 1993, I lived in a tiny apartment in the De Ville apartment complex in the Spanish Town neighborhood of Baton Rouge. The living […]

My Mother’s Party Skirt

Coming from a relatively poor, tea-totaling family, our celebrations never looked like the ones on television. That’s ok though, since we didn’t own a television, or a “one-eyed devil” as it was affectionately called. When we wanted to celebrate, we all packed into the car and went to Pancho’s Mexican Buffet. I’m not even sure […]

Scripps – Excitement and Disappointment

And, by disappointment, I mean that I am disappointed in about half the internet using population. But, I’ll get to that. I don’t care about the Super Bowl, the World Cup, or any other major sports competition. In all fairness, I don’t even give a damned about the Oscars. I understand why people get so excited […]

Reigning in my moodswings: Enjoying life and looking toward the future

I have no illusions that my experiences are all that special or unusual, but I also don’t expect my conclusions to fit into anyone else’s life; but just in case… I have been hospitalized three times for psychiatric problems. The first time, I was still somehow covered under my mother’s insurance and ended up in […]

Sagging pants and people pissing me off

Warning: I will not make it through this post without cursing a lot.   For a while now, I’ve been seeing something that just didn’t make sense. When that happens I check out all of the fact checking sources that I trust. They all (every damned one) let me know that I was right to […]


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