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Reigning in my moodswings: Enjoying life and looking toward the future

I have no illusions that my experiences are all that special or unusual, but I also don’t expect my conclusions to fit into anyone else’s life; but just in case… I have been hospitalized three times for psychiatric problems. The first time, I was still somehow covered under my mother’s insurance and ended up in […]

Sagging pants and people pissing me off

Warning: I will not make it through this post without cursing a lot.   For a while now, I’ve been seeing something that just didn’t make sense. When that happens I check out all of the fact checking sources that I trust. They all (every damned one) let me know that I was right to […]

This fag doesn’t hate Westboro Baptist Church

News has been spreading like wildfire today that the Reverend Fred Phelps is finally on his death bed in a hospice in Topeka, I wish I could say the reaction was mixed… but it ain’t. For the most part, believers and non-believers alike are applauding his death. I’m not one of those. Fred Phelps did […]

What’s in a name?

I was listening to a podcast the other day about language (’cause I’m all nerdy like that) and they were talking about language changing over time. I can’t remember which podcast, because I listen to a lot of them. But, one of the words they mentioned is “eek-name.” The word “eek” was Old English for […]

Quick catchup

Ok, so many things have been going on. My business is picking up like a house on fire… I have too many orders. The good news is; my prices are about to get jacked up. Therapy is going well-ish. I’ve just found out that not only do I have Asperger’s, but I am also bipolar. […]

No homo and out professional sports dudes

  I know it’s a little late to be commenting on sports figures coming out of the closet, but since it came up again yesterday with Hibbert’s “no homo” remark, I figure it’s ok to bring it up. First, I would like to say that his remark not only didn’t deserve a fine; I actually […]

The one where he comes across as a jerk

I choose not to live alone. I know myself well enough to know that if I lived alone, the only people I would speak to on most days would be my coworkers, and that’s way too much pressure to put on them. There are days when living alone would be a welcome extravagance though. Whoever […]


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