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Pizza Scandal in Indiana

I’m very annoyed with a lot people regarding this stupid little pizza shop in Indiana. Yes, they are ignorant – and no, I wouldn’t give them a penny of my money. BUT, commenting on how they look, posting porn to their Yelp page, and threatening them is beyond (and I mean BEYOND) any human decency. […]

My Mother’s Party Skirt

Coming from a relatively poor, tea-totaling family, our celebrations never looked like the ones on television. That’s ok though, since we didn’t own a television, or a “one-eyed devil” as it was affectionately called. When we wanted to celebrate, we all packed into the car and went to Pancho’s Mexican Buffet. I’m not even sure […]

This fag doesn’t hate Westboro Baptist Church

News has been spreading like wildfire today that the Reverend Fred Phelps is finally on his death bed in a hospice in Topeka, I wish I could say the reaction was mixed… but it ain’t. For the most part, believers and non-believers alike are applauding his death. I’m not one of those. Fred Phelps did […]

Some people should be committed

    I ran across this campaign poster today on Facebook… and laughed my ass off. Then it dawned on me that claiming to be endorsed by Jesus was no different than what the bulk of Republicans did in the last presidential election. Perry, Bachmann, and Caine all said that their god instructed them to […]


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