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Scripps – Excitement and Disappointment

And, by disappointment, I mean that I am disappointed in about half the internet using population. But, I’ll get to that. I don’t care about the Super Bowl, the World Cup, or any other major sports competition. In all fairness, I don’t even give a damned about the Oscars. I understand why people get so excited […]

Reigning in my moodswings: Enjoying life and looking toward the future

I have no illusions that my experiences are all that special or unusual, but I also don’t expect my conclusions to fit into anyone else’s life; but just in case… I have been hospitalized three times for psychiatric problems. The first time, I was still somehow covered under my mother’s insurance and ended up in […]

Damn you, Google.

I have always considered myself to have at least average intelligence, but one skill has always eluded me. I spent much of the 80’s in a low-level shame cycle because I never could get more than one or two sides of a Rubik’s Cube. Apparently, I’m still handicapped in this way and Google has gone […]

Day 4 – Personal Challenge

(What I worked on last night is not thematically good for general consumption… so I can’t post it here. Instead, I grabbed the first part of a draft for a Chapter One of an obligatory “guy rediscovers his roots” story… the part after this needs some plot reworking, so I left it off.)   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ […]

Exploring New York City’s Abandoned Island, Where Nature Has Taken Over | Arts & Culture | Smithsonian

I try to make a point of learning something new every day. It’s kind of awesome when that happens by 9:30 am. The history and the location of this little 20 acre island are both fascinating; and might make for a good story setting. An island within smelling distance of Manhattan that’s been abandoned for […]

This just dawned on me yesterday…

and I really regret it.

Day 3 – Personal Challenge

(Character study – these old ladies have been haunting me for a while.) Maude sighed as the car pulled  into the parking lot. “I just hate this place.” Ella looked at the green lawns and towering oak trees surrounding the building and nodded. “Sure does make you consider your mortality.” “Mortality, my ass. I’m 72 […]


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