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I was just reading a post on another blog about spending too much time researching and getting bogged down in the actual writing part of the process. It reminded me of my long-suffering mother and how much time she’s saved me in the research process. I’ve stated in the past that she and I have […]

When it’s ok to be a technophobe

I am a first-adopter. Apple comes out with something new – I’m there. Today the Chromecast thingy came out… I bought one for the television downstairs. But, there is a time to leave technology behind; unless I’m writing for a tech journal, I use as little technology as possible. Imagine if you were reading a […]

Does the Apocalypse Always Have to Start in New York?

I’ve hit a wall – and I think my setting is working against me. I love my city, but Boston has let me down. I need more seediness, and this place can’t supply it – and my mind can’t conceive it. I originally wanted to set the bulk of my novel here in Boston. One […]

The Media Fast

I rag on my landlord because he will sit and watch CNN for twelve hours straight, even though everything is repeated about fifty times in that span. He even sleeps with the television on because he says he has to have the noise… I have realized that I’m not that much different, but I will […]

Rolling Stone Magazine and one step too far…

  The cover of Rolling Stone magazine is a coveted spot. To get the cover, it means you’ve made it – you’ve worked hard and have, if not mastered your craft, you’ve at least made a huge impression – I’ll leave the multiple Bieber covers for another time. As I’m sure everyone in the world […]

Judgy McJudgerson

  Even though there’s no theme to this blog – this post is still off topic. Just felt compelled to write it. You guys probably shouldn’t even read it…   There is a tendency lately for people to feel that their actions and words are above anyone’s scrutiny. This idea is absolutely absurd. We all […]

What’s in a name?

I was listening to a podcast the other day about language (’cause I’m all nerdy like that) and they were talking about language changing over time. I can’t remember which podcast, because I listen to a lot of them. But, one of the words they mentioned is “eek-name.” The word “eek” was Old English for […]


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