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The only one where he mentions the bombs

Ok, I let the whole bombing thing sidetrack me. After the pressure cookers blew right down the street, I had nothing to say. That would be a good excuse for abandoning my task of posting every day, but since I really don’t need an excuse to stop things, I’m just going to chalk it up […]

Stand with Boston

Originally posted on The Boston Harbor Picayune:
As reports of the dead now rising and one eight year old boy among the fallen, we ask that you simply pray. We are strong. We will pull together.We will continue. We will have answers in time and we will have justice. Tonight we just ask that you…

The one where he comes across as a jerk

I choose not to live alone. I know myself well enough to know that if I lived alone, the only people I would speak to on most days would be my coworkers, and that’s way too much pressure to put on them. There are days when living alone would be a welcome extravagance though. Whoever […]

The one where he throws out another poem

Red Line Mornings Familiar strangers crowd the concrete strip between home and life. Communication; mute speech and vague nods. Heads bob together to brakes and curves. Station announcements, grinding wheels, and flipping pages break the familial silence. No one looks up but we’re all aware. MIT Guy scowls at organic chemistry texts for the second […]

The one where he moans about first world problems

I am going out of town tomorrow. Not far – just to the middle of the state. Clothes are picked out and packed; I did laundry this morning -yay me! And now I have to turn my attention to electronics. “The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: of cords – […]

The one where he writes a poem

John He stops at a subway grate, home for the night. A guitar case, heavy with blankets and well loved books, serves as bureau and pillow. His feet bound with garbage bags, hoping his toes will be there when the sun rises; again. I say “Hi, John” as I pass. He waves. The click of […]

The one where he found himself

A few years ago, a friend called me out of the blue and said, “I’m going to start travel nursing again. Come with me.” And, as would be expected, I quit my job and left my adopted home of Boston for… well, whatever pastures we happened to run across.   Both of us had our […]


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